• CPR CMB194 Cyclone Bio-Filter Combo 1 Includes: CY194 w/Bio-Bale / CS100 Overflox Box w/ Outflow Hose & Aqua Lifter Pump
More Details and Specifications

Product Features:


  • CY194 Bio-Filter
  • Bio-bale Filter Media
  • CS100 Overflow box with acrylic Lid with outflow hose
  • Aqua Lifter pump for Overflow Box keeps continous Siphon

CY194 Cyclone Bio-Filter

  • CY 194 Bio Filter & Overflow Box Bio-Bale& Hose to set up overflow box to Bio Filter
  • Features Rejuvenation Venturi (RVT) driven protein skimmers. RVT Powerhead is included.
  • Has a bypass for the protein skimmer so that the water and air intake are always constant andprovide maximum skimming action.
  • Funnel shaped collection cup for efficient and easy removal of proteins and uneaten food before they reach the biological media.
  • Has an adjustable gate which allows fine tuning of the height of the water in the protein skimmer.
  • Has a deep sump area for robes, chemical media, etc.
  • Has a non-warping lid which prevents excessive evaporation.
  • Uses a high performance biological medium, Bio-BaleTM.
  • Disassembles quickly and easily for cleaning.
  • Can be used with a submersible or external pump.
  • May be purchased individually, in a combination, or as a complete system.
  • Good For Tanks Up to 100gal
  • Footprint: 20”x12.5”
  • Height: 18”

CPR CS100 Overflow box with Acrylic Lid

A built-in overflow is the most efficient method of draining aquarium water to a filter. If your aquarium does not have built-in overflow, CPR Continuous Siphon Overflows/Prefilters are the best means for getting water from an aquarium to a filter system without expensive modifications to the tank. They quietly skim up to six times more water than units with tubes.
The advantages of CPR Continuous Siphon Overflows/Prefilters include:

  • Adjustable water level allows you to easily change the level in your tank
  • Black top reduces algae growth
  • Plastic screen to prevent fish loss
  • Quiet operation
  • 1" bulkhead outflow
  • For glass or acrylic aquariums up to 125 gal
  • Flow rate 800 gph
  • 10" wide
  • 1" bulkhead outflow

Bio-Bale Filter Medium

From the large Aquaculture industry to the home hobbyist, Bio-BaleTM is the filter medium of choice for professionals. Simple in concept, Bio-BaleTM owes its extreme effectiveness to its high surface area versus volume and its unique surface texture. With 250 square feet of surface area per cubic foot and 33 square feet per gallon, Bio-BaleTM cannot be matched. Bio-BaleTM is produced from one continuous piece of F.D.A. approved, non-toxic plastic designed specifically for CPR. Bio-BaleTM is measured precisely by computer to achieve a consistent surface area.


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CPR CMB194 Cyclone Bio-Filter Combo 1 Includes: CY194 w/Bio-Bale / CS100 Overflox Box w/ Outflow Hose & Aqua Lifter Pump

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