• CPR CY192 Cyclone Bio Filter (Fliter Only)
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Skimmer Features:

CPR CY192 Cyclone Bio Filter

  • Features Rejuvenation Venturi (RVT) driven protein skimmers. RVT Powerhead is included.
  • Has a bypass for the protein skimmer so that the water and air intake are always constant and provide maximum skimming action.
  • Funnel shaped collection cup for efficient and easy removal of proteins and uneaten food before they reach the biological media.
  • Has an adjustable gate which allows fine tuning of the height of the water in the protein skimmer.
  • Has a deep sump area for robes, chemical media, etc.
  • Has a non-warping lid which prevents excessive evaporation.
  • Uses a high performance biological medium, Bio-BaleTM.
  • Disassembles quickly and easily for cleaning.
  • Can be used with a submersible or external pump.
  • May be purchased individually, in a combination, or as a complete system.
  • Good For Tanks Up to 100gal
  • Footprint: 15”x 9”
  • Height: 14.5”

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CPR CY192 Cyclone Bio Filter (Fliter Only)

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