• Aqua Medic WAVE Wavemaker (Works 4 Pumps)

Product Features:

The Aqua Medic Wave is a four channel pump controller for randomizing water circulation in the aquarium. The Wave uses a microprocessor based controller that can operate up to three circulation pumps and one filter pump.
The Wave can activate the pumps with 8 different programs to simulate many different current patterns. Between 0 and 3 pumps are operated simultaneously and the frequency of switching can be adjusted.
The fourth channel (filter pump) runs continuously but when feeding the aquarium, particularly when feeding plankton to filter-feeding invertebrates, a feeding pause button can be activated which turns off all 4 pumps for approximately 10 minutes.
An integrated light sensor ensures that during darkness, no more than one pump is active at any one time.
Each channel uses a soft start power up for extended pump life and can be used for Oceanrunner pumps or power-heads with a maximum power draw of 100 watts each.

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Aqua Medic WAVE Wavemaker (Works 4 Pumps)

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