• AE Tech CR 900 Calcium Reactor

  CR900 Media Melter Calcium Reactor By AE Tech   *CR900 Specifications:
* Total Height: 28"
* Footprint: 11.5" x 11.5"
* Tank Size: up to 900 Gallons
* Chamber OD: 6" x 24"
* Water Inlet: 1/4" Jaco fitting
* Water Outlet: 1/4" Jaco fitting
* Feed Method: Feed Method: Siphon/Powerhead/Tee from a skimmer or return pump
* Water Pump: Blue Line 20
* Media Capacity: 16 lb
* Water dispersion cap in lid for high CO2 efficiency
* PH Probe Holder: Standard
* Bubble Counter: Standard
* High quality check valve
* Pump inlet bulkhead, no glued fittings here
* Pressure tested to 10 psi

* High quality all cast acrylic body construction
* Downflow media chamber design found superior to fluidized reactors in operation, does not cause dusting of media
* Designed for very low and efficient CO2 use
* Clear cast acrylic reactor chamber
* Unique dual inlet, self filling pcv bubble counter & water inlet
* Commercial grade PVC/ Stainless check valve with quad ring seat and 1psi cracking pressure
* Free, removable all PVC reverse flow media reactor on the tank return. Fill with Phosphate removing media or Calcium Media for a second stage reactor.
* Designed to use any calcium media available without causing phosphate problems in your tank if filled half way with phosphate removing media
* Oversized & Quiet Eheim 1250 Water Pump for the best efficiency from your CO2 gas.
* High quality unions on all fittings for easy service and cleaning
* Special all black fittings
* Includes all hoses and reliable non leaking Jaco fittings for water and CO2
* Includes PH probe holder for PH monitor or better a PH controller
* Compact and Quiet operation
* Easy hookup. Only three lines needed (Water in, water out and CO2 in.)

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AE Tech CR 900 Calcium Reactor

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