• AquaC RX-1 Calcium Reactor Combo 3 Includes: AquaC RX-1 Calcium Reactor  / 8lbs Carib Sea Media

Product Features:

AquaC RX-1 Calcium Reactor  / 8lbs Carib Sea media

The RX-1 calcium reactor represents the pinnacle in reactor technology available today. We've combined all the features an advanced reef hobbyist is looking for into a compact package that is easy to use and maintain. No more messing with finicky settings or inconsistent results, the RX-1 is a solid performer that will give you years of trouble-free service.

The RX-1 is rated for reef tanks up to 400 gallons in size.


AquaC RX-1

Features and Specifications

? 8.25" x 9" footprint
? 16" tall
? Box design holds more media than cylinder-style reactors
? Reverse flow
? Recirculating CO2
? pH probe holder
? Eheim 1250 pump
? John Guest Speedfit fittings throughout
? Sch. 80 PVC and unions
? Large union for quick and easy media addition
? SMC valve for precise effluent control

The Eheim 1250 pump included with the RX-1 sets the standard for flow and efficiency - no other reactor in its class offers such a powerful and reliable pump. The Eheim carries a 2 year warranty.

By utlizing a box design, we're able to make the most efficient use of space (which is often at a premium under an aquarium). The RX-1 is large enough to hold an entire container of Carib Sea ARM media!

8lbs CaribSea ARM Reactor Media

A complete reactor media containing not only calcium and carbonate, but essential trace elements as well. In fact, A.R.M. has nearly 50 times the strontium of other brands (7390 ppm). A.R.M. is processed for immediate use, no rinsing
required, and has double the surface area of regular aragonite. Precision grading (2-3mm) allows for maximum carbon dioxide
penetration, and the exclusion of gastropod shells insures the lowest phosphate (less than 1/10 of 1 ppm) content. This grading
also carries in the highest concentration of Halimeda incrassata, an aragonite so pure it has been used as a laboratory
standard. A.R.M. has the highest solubility of any reactor media available (metastable at 8.2) so typical CO2 consumption is
much lower.( 1 gallon, about 8 lb)

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AquaC RX-1 Calcium Reactor Combo 3 Includes: AquaC RX-1 Calcium Reactor / 8lbs Carib Sea Media

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