• Ozotech Ozotech IQ40 Dryer

Product Features:

Ozotech IQ40 Dryer Specifications:

Intelligence Factor - Remembers cycle point when power is interrupted and restarts at that point. Other heat regenerators on the market may start from an moisture laden chamber which is damaging to an ozone generator. This model is meant to run 24/7. Contains 2 ozone desiccant beds. While one bed is drying the other one is being used, effectively drying the air. Switches between each bed every 2 hours automatically

Air Flow: 5-40 cubic ft/hr
to -50 degrees F at usable air flow

Can be used with the Poseidon, PCS and Mini Series Ozotech Ozone Generators.

10"w x 12"h x 4"d
Wall Mountable

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Ozotech Ozotech IQ40 Dryer

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