• D-D ROWAkalk 1000mL Media Kalkwasser Mix

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It has long been known in a reef aquariums that the inhabitants are constantly in need of calcium to build their skeletons and shells. Administering ROWAkalk to your aquarium will enhance pH as well as binding phosphates, therefore enhancing protein skimming. ROWAkalk is the ideal supplement mix for producing kalkwasser.

Calcium hydroxide should only be administered after the calcium hydroxide (kalkwasser) mix has cleared. The cleared and fresher the solution, the better the results. Mechanical stirrers are highly recommended to dose kalkwasser.

To obtain the best results, you should use DO or RO water. Dosing should take place at the lowest point of the pH cycle. This normally being at night approximately 5 to 6 hours after the light have been turned off. Attention should be paid to the pH when dosing as it could rise to dangerous levels if administered to fast.

The pH of calcium hydroxide when first mixed in RO or DI water should be 12.45. The marine aquarium environment should never have a pH exceeding 8.5 and when over dosing kalkwasser, this could be exceeded if care and attention is not paid.

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D-D ROWAkalk 1000mL Media Kalkwasser Mix

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