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Aquarium Ecology by Tunze

Aquarium Ecology
The mechanisms of bio-technical water treatment
interacting with man, animal, and technology
In order to be able to operate an aquarium successfully, a certain understanding of the processes in nature is required apart from the basic technical equipment of an aquarium. This book describes the biological processes and the technical methods used to keep the water clean (filtration, protein skimming, et cetera).
Furthermore, a chapter in this book deals with the modern measuring methods to assess the water quality (conductivity, pH value, redox measurement, et cetera). Results from outdoor investigations complete the knowledge obtained by aquarium tests.
The book is intended for advanced aquarists, and explains the sense and necessity of the technology employed in aquariums under an ecological point of view. For this reason, it will be of valuable help to owners of freshwater and marine aquariums alike, which applies especially for the understanding of the TUNZE technology.

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Aquarium Ecology by Tunze

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