• Blue Reef 1000 Filter System by Aqua Medic

Product Features:

The new Blue Reef 1000 filter systems mark the much anticipated return of the Aqua Medic filter system. The new combined filter and sump is molded from high-quality acrylic rather than fashioned from sheets of glass to reduce the cost of ownership. The unit is completely enclosed and is maintained through two large sliding doors. This enclosed construction minimizes evaporation and reduces the humidity build up inside the aquarium cabinet. The built-in filter tower features a drawer for implementing mechanical filtration before the water is distributed over the volume of Bactoball biological media. The drawer can be removed for maintenance access without interrupting the flow of water. The filter sump is part of a modular system which allows you to expand with some pretty cool additions like a Refugium or a Top-Off Reservoir. Check back with us regularly as we expect to see these expansion modules in the near future.

Tank dimensions: 32.2” L x 18.6” W x 23.62” H

The Blue Reef 1000 is comprised of following components:

  • Filter sump with filter tower: including the patented drawer and biological filter chamber loaded with Bactoballs.
  • Turboflotor Blue 3000 protein skimmer installed in the sump
  • Ocean Runner 3500 circulation pump installed in the sump
  • There is sufficient space within the sump to include other components such as the Calcium Reactor CR1000 or Nitratreductor NR1000 (not included)

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Blue Reef 1000 Filter System by Aqua Medic

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