• Kent Marine Maximum Power Phos 150g

Product Features:

Provides the most effective means of removing phosphate and silicate available; never releases them back into the water when exhausted, and requires very little physical space in the filtration system. More effective than similar products sold in dry form. For best results, use as fluidized media with the Kent Phos•Reactor. Each 150 grams will reduce up to 1.0 ppm phosphate in 150 gallons of saltwater or 300 gallons of freshwater. Rinse in running purified water before use until water is clear. Power•Phos must remain wet to retain effectiveness; if not using the entire contents of this jar at once, cap tightly. For maximum effectiveness, media should be placed in an area of high water flow; ideal use is inside the Kent Power•Phos Reactor, which fluidizes this media and exposes it to water in the system faster, increasing the rate of phosphate and silicate removal; remove from included bag if using in this manner. Otherwise, place the media (inside the bag) in an area of high water flow.

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Kent Marine Maximum Power Phos 150g

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