• Aqua Medic Carbolit Reactor & Phosphate filter (Up to 100gal)

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We are fortunate to have at our disposal, an outstanding selection of chemical filtration media to confront the equally amazing number of issues our captive systems tend to encounter. What seem to be scarce are thoughtful solutions for incorporating these media into our existing aquarium filtration systems. Enter the Aqua Medic Bypass Filters, one liter capacity inline wonders to house the media of your choice. They are easy to fill, trivial to hang or mount, and very effective. Aqua Medic offers these bypass filters in two handy varieties. The Phosphafilter comes loaded with our Antiphos media to remove algae causing phosphates. The Carbolitreactor is packed with our highly active Carbolit carbon for quick stripping of organics and medicines, even for use as a long-term biological filtration. Of course, each bypass filter can be used later to effectively integrate any chemical filtration media that may be useful in solving issues as they arise.

  • Phosphate Filter For aquaria up to 100 gallons
  • Carbolit Reactor For aquaria up to 100 gallons

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Aqua Medic Carbolit Reactor & Phosphate filter (Up to 100gal)

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