• Aquarium Pharmaceuticals RENA SmartHeater 200 Watt

Product Features:

The RENA SmartHeater is the most technically advanced aquarium heater available – delivering a wide temperature range and an LED warning alert system. The LED alert flashes when water is +/- 5º F from set point. Plus the RENA SmartHeater is made of unbreakable plastic resin and is safe to the touch, even when heating. The RENA SmartHeater works in any position, horizontal or vertical, heating the aquarium by itself or when attached to a RENA filter.


  • Fits as intake tube to all RENA SmartFilters and RENA Filstar xP1 through xP4 Canister Filters or by itself as a conventional heater
  • Patented interactive display LED lighting with "abnormal temperature" alert flashes fast when water is +/- 5°F from set
  • Five models: 50, 100, 150, 200, 300 watt
  • Made with high quality, durable and unbreakable plastic meeting UL standards. Safe to touch even when heating
  • Energy-efficient tubular design heating both internal and external surfaces of the heater
  • Super accurate set up temperature knob with wide temperature range (69°F–93°F)

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Aquarium Pharmaceuticals RENA SmartHeater 200 Watt

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