AquaFX High Silicate Removal DI Cartridge

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AquaFX High Silicate Removal DI Cartridge

AquaFx DI is the leader in making sure your final product water is 0 TDS. The resin AquaFx uses is ideal for making laboratory grade type 1 water, which is perfect for top off water for your reef, salt and corals. AqauFX will always pack your DI in a refillable shell to give the option of refilling your DI, or you can dispose your exhausted cartridge.

  • Changes color from blue/black to red/orange as it exhausts
  • Addition of silicate-removal resin
  • Nuclear Grade, Color Indicating, Virgin DI Resin
  • Makes 0 TDS water perfect for top off water
  • Pre-packed and sealed for extended shelf life
  • Hand packed in the USA

Manufacturer Info

AquaFx manufactures water treatment systems in the USA in Winter Park, FL. They maintain a shop that puts Americans to work! They build some of the finest reverse osmosis systems we have seen along with a plethora of useful upgrades and replacement parts. They have over 45 years of water treatment engineering experience to help you produce pollutant-free water for your freshwater (RO) or saltwater (RO/DI) aquarium.

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