AquaFX Hydraulic Automatic Shut Off Kit

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AquaFX Hydraulic Automatic Shut Off Kit

Automatic Shutoff Assembly (ASO) for any Reverse Osmosis System Using 1/4 tubing.

When properly installed on a reverse osmosis unit; The ASO activates when back pressure builds in the product line (due to a float being activated or a bladder tank be full). The activated ASO stops the drain from continuing to run by stopping water from entering the RO membrane housing. Once the back pressure is released, water production will resume.

This kit is ideal for systems in which the pressure is lower than 45 PSI. If the pressure is higher than 45 PSI, the AquaFX High Pressure Automatic Shut Off Kit is recommended instead.

Kit Includes:
  • Installation Diagram
  • 1/4 Inline Check Valve
  • 4 Way Automatic Shut off Valve

Manufacturer Info

AquaFx manufactures water treatment systems in the USA in Winter Park, FL. They maintain a shop that puts Americans to work! They build some of the finest reverse osmosis systems we have seen along with a plethora of useful upgrades and replacement parts. They have over 45 years of water treatment engineering experience to help you produce pollutant-free water for your freshwater (RO) or saltwater (RO/DI) aquarium.

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