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AquaMaxx Prism CC LED Light Fixture 30 Watt – Marine

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Everything you love about our Prism light, but in a Contemporary and Compact design, dubbing it the Prism CC. At .39″ thick, it is almost as thin as a mobile phone, packing a full spectrum of 58 LEDs into its aluminum housing.

This light is perfect for fish-only nano aquariums or shallow reefs.


  • The Prism CC is slightly thinner than the standard Prism, measuring a mere 0.39″ thick! The CC has a new aluminum unibody design that is passively cooled so no loud cooling fans are required. The Prism CC packs 58 LEDs into its compact frame, running with 30 watts of power.
  • The iMOS Smart Controller is a two button interface with a digital display that shows the current time, light intensity, storm mode, and ambient air temperature. There is no need to buy an additional controller to use all the features this fixture has to offer!
  • With 6 set points— dawn, sunrise, midday, sunset, dusk, and night—of customizable light intensity, you’ll be able to gradually ramp intensity up or down between points to simulate the look of a natural sunrise, sunset, and even moon light.
  • Lightning mode has also been enhanced. You can now control when storms occur in a 24 hour period, how many storms will occur during that time and how frequently the storms appear.
  • The Easy-Snap Mount Bracket assembles in just a click and a twist. With a single tank mount, the light can be positioned just about anywhere on the tank rim while not taking up much space.



    • The

Prism CC

    has been intelligently designed for efficiency and simplicity. CNC computer-programmed technology is used to precisely carve each piece from a single, solid block of aluminum with an accuracy of 0.1mm. This sleek and slim-profile fixture is complete with a fitted 3D arc glass, combining form and function into a modern piece that is both high performing and aesthetically pleasing.



iMOS 3.0 Smart Controller

    With the new iMOS 3.0, the Smart Controller settings range from Clock, Auto Mode, Manual Mode, Lightning, and Demo Mode with 3 channels. The controller’s Auto Mode can be programmed with 6 timer points (dawn, sunrise, midday, sunset, dusk, and night), with smooth gradient transitions between each point to simulate natural light cycles.




    • The

Prism CC

    • employs

Genius Bracket

    technology— easy installation with just one click! The bracket is easily affixed to the rim of your aquarium tank (up to 0.75″ thick). After clicking the arm into the lamp head, the body can then be adjusted vertically or horizontally to quickly fit your tank needs.




  • A beautifully crafted, slim, 0.39″ (10mm) profile
  • Full HD Spectrum
  • Quiet, fanless design
  • Genius Bracket, that quickly mounts and adjusts on your tank
  • The iMOS 3.0 controller
  • Six programmable light cycle set points:
    • Dawn, Sunrise, Midday, Sunset, Dusk, and Night
  • The 2 meter (78″) controller cable
  • Global Standards Certification, UL, CE, RoHS etc. Safe and environmental protection


  • Fixture dimensions = 9.85″L x 3.15″W x .39″H
  • Adjustable Height x Extension = 9″Height x 4.3″ Extend to 11″
  • Fits rims up to .75″
  • Coverage (at 9″ height) = 12″ x 10″
  • Weight = .55 lbs
  • Power = 30 watts / AC100-240V, 2.0A
  • 58 x 0.5 watt LEDs total:
    • 14 x Cool White (12000~16000K) White
    • 28 x Royal Blue (450~455nm) Blue
    • 2 x Blue (470~475nm) Special
    • 4 x Deep Red (660~665nm) Special
    • 4 x Green (510~520nm) Special
    • 2 x Warm White (3000~3500K) Special
    • 2 x Violet (410~415nm) Special
    • 2 x UV (380~395nm) Special


  • 1 x Prism CC LED Light Fixture
  • 1 x genius bracket
  • 1 x controller
  • 1 x power adapter
  • 1 x connection cable
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