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ATI Straton LED Reef Light

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ATI Straton LED Reef Light

The highly anticipated ATI Straton LED is unlike any other LED light fixture on the market. The ATI Straton features a significantly larger light area than most competitors, allowing it to imitate the proven results of T5 lighting. The outcome is a uniform blanket of light which lessens coral shading and improves coral growth and color. The Straton also features wifi control, a built-in diffuser, fanless design, multiple pre-set and customizeable programs, and even an included suspension kit for hanging.

Features At A Glance

  • Wifi Accessible – Access your control panel wirelessly from anywhere. The built-in web server makes programming and adjustments a breeze.
  • Energy Efficient – 153 LEDs that have a maximum power draw of just 230 watts.
  • Built-in Diffuser – Eliminates hotspots and achieves consistent lighting color output.
  • Clean, Modern Look – Thin, sleek profile perfect for any hobbyist looking for a clean, modern light to show off above their tank.
  • Programmable – Virtually unlimited adjustment of LED colors with 7 different independent color channels and 3 independently controllable sections.
  • Plug & Play – Plug it in, select pre-programmed light colors, and enjoy.
  • Whisper Quiet – Passively cooled aluminum housing means no more noisy fans.
  • German Design & Engineering – Made in Germany with USA support.
  • Warrantied – 1 year manufacturer warranty
  • Suspension Kit Included

Uniform Light Distribution

The ATI Straton features a proprietary built-in diffuser which blends each individual LED light to virtually eliminate color separation. It creates a large output area which blankets up to 30″ x 30″ of your tank with a consistent, uniform spread. The light produced mimics the time tested and proven results of ATI T5 lighting, producing fewer shadows and hot spots when compared to other LED lights.


The Straton incorporates seven independent color channels and three independently controllable and dimmable sections (back, middle, front). You can utilize the built-in control software to create a fully customizable program, choose from a number of pre-programmed options, and easily share programs with other Straton fixtures.

Amazing Color

With 152 individual LED lights on seven independently-controllable color channels, Straton will bring the “wow” factor to your tank and help you to show off your reef aquarium at its full glory.

Ultra-thin Profile

The Straton is a modern light with a sleek 0.5″ profile, making it perfect to hang above your tank. Its attractive, minimalist design will enhance your aquarium`s aesthetics while still allowing your tank to be the star.

Illuminate Corals from All Angles

The Straton`s broad, nearly 16″ square LED panel provides light to a larger surface area in the tank, illuminating corals from all sides with fewer shadows. Most competitor LEDs are single point source lights, which only allow corals to receive light predominately on one side. Unlike the competition, the Straton`s large LED panel design effectively reduces PAR hot spots and shadowing, making it ideal for providing larger SPS Corals with optimal light coverage.

Technical Specifications

Dimensions: 18.5″ x 18.5″  / 470mm x 470mm
Height / Thickness: 0.5″ / 13mm
Light Area Size: 15.7″ x 15.7″ / 400mm x 400mm
Light Coverage Area: Up to 30″ x 30″ / 762mm x 762mm
Unit Weight: 9.4 lbs (fixture only)
Power Consumption: Up to 230 watts
Total # of LEDs: 153
LED Breakdown:
18 x UV 405nm
18 x Violet 420nm
18 x Royal Blue 450nm
36 x Blue 470nm
36 x White
18 x Cyan 500nm
9 x Red

What`s in the Box

  • 1x ATI Straton LED Fixture
  • 1x Power Supply
  • 1x Hanging Kit
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