Cube 20 Aquarium Cabinet Stand – Waterbox Aquariums

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The Cube 20 Cabinet Stand is constructed from marine spec material, including high-grade laminated hardwood.

This stand is compatible with the Cube 20 Starphire Ultra Clear 20 Gallon Aquarium from Waterbox Aquariums.


  • Laminated Hardwood
  • Furniture Grade Cabinets
  • Dimensions (L x W x H) = 18″ x 18″ x 36″
  • Color: Black

Manufacturer Info

Waterbox Aquariums was founded on 3 core principles. Build the highest quality Ultra Clear Glass Aquariums, Make them available to any hobbyist, Entry level to Professional and provide a vessel to grow the Aquatic Industry World Wide one new aquarium at a time.

Waterbox Aquariums are designed for simplicity and style, while allowing the consumer a way to constantly evolve and modify their Aquatic Environments to their liking. They believe that people want to work with technology they love.

“In its simplest form every Waterbox is the same, but when the consumer brings it to life, there are none alike.”

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