E.S.V. B-Ionic 2-Part Calcium Buffer 64oz (32oz each bottle)

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Maintaining proper balance of calcium and alkalinity is important to the health of all organisms living in your aquarium. The 2-part B-Ionic Calcium Buffer System is the original, unique, easy-to-use, two-component liquid supplement system that has been formulated to provide highly concentrated calcium and carbonate alkalinity, as well as all other important major, minor, and trace elements in the proper ratios to maintain a healthy marine aquatic environment.


  • Replaces inorganic ions lost from protein skimming
  • Maintains ionic balance of aquarium water
  • Ensures healthy fish and corals
  • Maintains proper pH levels
  • Supplies calcium and carbonate alkalinity required for calcification
  • Does not contain phosphates or nitrates
  • Does not require mixing powders or addition of organic chemicals


  • Start with 1 ml of each component per 4 gallons of aquarium capacity daily
  • Do not exceed 1 ml. per gallon in a 24 hour period
  • Maintain alkalinity between 3.0 and 3.75 meq/liter (8.4 and 10.5 dKH) by testing daily and adjusting dose accordingly
  • Never allow pH to rise above 8.45


  • One (1) 32oz bottle of Component A – Carbonate Alkalinity: 2800 meq/liter (7840 dKH). 1 ml per gallon of aquarium water will raise alkalinity by 0.74 meq/liter (2.07 dKH).
  • One (1) 32oz bottle of Component B – Calcium Concentration: 54,000 ppm calcium ion. 1 ml per gallon of aquarium water will raise calcium concentration by 16ppm.

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