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FlorinBacterOne is designed to jump start the ammonia cycle in freshwater planted and shrimp aquariums to help prevent “New Tank Syndrome.” It removes toxic ammonia and nitrite naturally through bacterial oxidation, instantly creating a biological filter in all freshwater aquaria, which is particularly useful for freshwater shrimp and planted aquariums.

Relatively low-nutrient environments are characterized by high water clarity, lack of unpleasant odors, and absence of microalgae and cyanobacteria; this is collectively a result of the lack of nitrogen-, phosphorus-, and carbon-based waste available. Aquaria that are relatively rich in available nutrients have characteristics opposite to the afore mentioned, and are typically not desirable because of the resultant appearance of the system and the difficulty of maintaining healthy aquarium inhabitants.

Brightwell Aquatics FlorinBacterOne is a selective complex of extremely effective microbes and enzymes that rapidly reduces the concentrations of organic nitrogen, ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate in freshwater ecosystems, leading to greatly improved water quality; better water quality typically leads to healthier aquarium inhabitants.

Use of FlorinBacterOne does not alleviate the requirement for regular partial water changes to help maintain proper concentrations of elements that are vital to long-term health and survival of aquarium inhabitants. No product, regardless of manufacturer’s fatuous marketing claims, can do this. An aquarium is a living ecosystem and requires proper care by the aquarist; regular partial water changes constitute a large part of this care.


  • Copper free and shrimp safe.
  • Suspension of non-pathogenic aerobic and anaerobic microbes, as well as natural enzymes, specifically formulated to establish biological filtration in new aquarium set-ups, and to enhance the rate of nitrification and denitrification.
  • Specifically formulated for use in shrimp, planted and all freshwater aquaria.
  • Particularly useful in freshwater aquaria with high population densities of shrimp or fish species.
  • Supplied in a state of suspended animation for maximum longevity.
  • Formulated utilizing extensive data compiled by microbiologists.
  • New pump tops allows for easier dosing with one hand.


  • Rapid reduction of ammonia, and nitrite.
  • Prevents “New Tank Syndrome”
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