GHL ProfiLux 4e Aquarium Controller – White

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GHL`s Profilux Line of controllers are recognized globally for their great reliability and accuracy by hobbyists and research institutions.
The Profilux 4e brings the same great reliabilty and accuracy the GHL Profilux 4 Aquarium Controller is known for, at a more affordable price.

“e” is for essential in its Profilux 4e title, as this controller was designed for hobbyists whom only need the essential functions, and can expand control at a later time. Right out of the box, the Profilux 4e can manage lighting control, water parameter measurements, auto top-off, flow, and more, making it best in value and expansion capabilities without needing to go out and buy external modules:

  • Built-in temperature and pH/ORP inputs
  • 1-10V control for pumps or other devices
  • Built-in Level sensor support to connect float, optical, flow or leak senors
  • Built-in display and touch keys allows you to check current probe values, easily change settings, pause for feedings, and more
  • Expandable, as your aquarium needs grow. Additional ports and sensor inputs can be added with GHL Expansion Cards or Expansion Box
  • Built-In Wi-Fi and USB connections make sure you stay connected and informed on you aquariums status through e-mail, web interface, and myGHL Cloud Service.

Technical Details:

Controller Dimensions: 8.66″ L x 5.91″ W x 2.17″ H
Controller Weight: 8.2 lbs / 3.7 kg
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