Hagen AquaClear 110 Power Filter

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Hagen AquaClear Power Filter


The Hagen AquaClear 110 Power Filter is for 60 – 110 gallon freshwater and saltwater fish only aquariums.

  • Maximum Output: 500 gallons
  • Full Flow Control: 166 gph
  • Power Consumption: 14 watts
  • The AquaClear 110 Filter is backed by a lifetime guarantee
  • Flow Control: Simply shift the patented “Flow Adjustment Control” at the the intake siphon. When the “Flow Adjustment Control” is at its greatest blockage, AquaClear’s input and exhaust volumes are approximately a third of its maximum capacity.
  • 13.5″ Long X 9″ Tall X 6.75″ Deep
  • User Manual (pdf file in new window)
  • Replacement Parts
  • Replacement Media

The Hagen AquaClear 110 Filter provides mechanical, chemical and biological filtration through its multi-stage filtration system. Filtration volume is up to 7 times larger than comparable Filters. Its unique design filters aquarium water through a natural and silent waterfall. The patented flow control feature allows for customized filter performance. The filter preserves beneficial bacterial creating a stress free environment for aquarium inhabitants and maintains clear aquarium water. Installation and maintenance are quick, easy and convenience. The filter comes equipped with AquaClear Foam, Activated Carbon and BioMax. In addition, AquaClear delivers an entire line of media including Zeo-Carb and Ammonia Remover exclusively designed for the AquaClear Power Filter.

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