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Heaters are one of the most important pieces of equipment for your aquarium, as they provide a stable temperature for our aquatic pals.  Fish and other aquatic species do not produce body heat, so their well-being is related to the temperature they are kept. Temperature swings are known to cause stress within the aquatic environment and its inhabitants, so heaters are key to keeping them happy, healthy, comfortable, and can inspire some species to spawn or reproduce (at specific temperatures).

Finnex Titanium Heaters will maintain water within 2 degrees Fahrenheit of the set value.  The titanium construction also is corrosion resistant, making the one of the most durable heaters in the hobby.


Model Wattage Amperage @115V Tank recommendations Control Range Heating tube
HMA-S 50 50W .45A 1 – 20 gallons 68 – 92 degrees 5.75″
HMA-S 100 100W .9A 21 – 30 gallons 68 – 92 degrees 6.75″
HMA-S 150 150W 1.35A 31 – 60 gallons 68 – 92 degrees 8″
HMA-S 200 200W 1.8A 61 – 80 gallons 68 – 92 degrees 10.75″
HMA-S 300 300W 2.7A 81 – 100 gallons 68 – 92 degrees 12″
HMA-S 500 500W 4.5A 101 – 120 gallons 68 – 92 degrees 14.5″

Manufacturer Info

Based right outside of Chicago, Finnex has come a long way since their origins dating back to 2001. Setting the trend with the first all-in-one glass aquarium and expanding the catalog with the most known titanium aquarium heater in the market.

Finnex`s #1 goal is customer satisfaction and they try to meet this goal by providing affordability on a wide range of products and by providing quality customer service. Their team is committed to developing innovative and reliable aquarium products.

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