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Kessil A360WE Tuna Blue LED Light

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The Kessil A360WE Tuna Blue LED aquarium fixture features a new and improved 90 watt LED array that is brighter than previous versions of the A360 fixture. The Tuna Blue uses the latest Kessil patented Dense Matrix LED array with a specially designed reflector system. Hot spots, common with many pendant fixtures, are eliminated with the A360WE. You can control the light spread using different lens options, too.

This fixture uses Kessil Logic™ color blending technology that allows precise color blending. Other LED fixtures simply vary two color channels to adjust the spectrum. Kessel Logic™ uses two independent adjustments knobs. One knob adjusts the color spectrum and a second knob is used to control intensity.

This same smart lighting system is used on professional photography lighting where precise control is critical. Kessil Logic™ allows for easier adjustment of the lighting system using just two knobs. You’ll be able to select and fine-tune the light spectrum because Kessil Logic™ allows each color channel to be independently tuned to create the best color spectrum to stimulate intense coloration and accelerated coral growth.

Kessil also pre-programs the fixture to always provide the right UV spectrum for coral growth. The beautiful shimmer looks like natural sunlight penetrating the reef! Many reef hobbyists compare the shimmer to metal halide, free of any disco ball effect. It is a light often seen at frag swaps because it is quick to set up and really makes corals pop.

The light can be hung above the aquarium as a single unit or in multiples that can be daisy chained for manual or automated programing and control. The updated control interface operates in the 0-10 V DC range and is compatible with a variety of aquarium controllers. The Kessil Spectral Controller is a popular and affordable option. A tank mounting arm system is available for a clean, professional installation.

The Kessil A360WE is a great choice for reefers. The knobs on top make dialing in the right look easy. More advanced control is available if you connect the light to a controller, but you certainly don’t have to. Having the ability to connect multiple lights together is handy for large aquariums or if you intend to upgrade to a bigger tank down the road.

What we really like about the Kessil A360WE Tuna Blue:

  • Powerful output without the heat of metal halides
  • Beautiful light spectrum
  • Solid construction
  • LED array made in the US
  • Nice shimmer effect
  • Attractive design
  • Can be adjusted manually or with a controller

Kessil A360WE Tuna Blue Features:

  • Powerful output in a compact fixture
  • Easy color and intensity control
  • Two-knob Kessil Logic™ system
  • Can be used as a single light or in multiples
  • Deep penetration and even light coverage
  • Simple set-up, no complicated programming
  • Quiet operation

Kessil A360WE Tuna Blue Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 3.8” x 4” (Length x Diameter)
  • Average coverage: 24” surface radius with 3’ penetration
  • Power supply: 100-240 VAC input, 48 VDC, 1.87 A (Output)
  • Power usage: 90 watts

Kessil A360WE Tuna Blue – What’s in the Box?

  • A360WE
  • DC Power Supply
  • DC Power Extension Cable
  • Gold Metal Hook Bracket (x2)

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