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Kessil Narrow Reflector for A360X Controllable LED Aquarium Light

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Designed for SPS dominated aquariums, the Narrow Reflector will improve the penetration and contrast of your A360X LED Light, down to 5 feet, making it great for either taller reef aquariums, for those who want to mount the light higher, or wanting that extra oomph for their coral.

The A360X Narrow Reflector triples the best-in-class A360X`s light beam strength with its easy to attach magnetic design, while adding a dynamic depth to your tank. This accessory is perfect for deep tanks or SPS corals with strict light requirements.

The depth and contrast created by the Narrow Reflector improves upon the dynamics we have come to love about Kessil lighting, giving us the shimmer that we have all come to love.


  • Triples the center light intensity of the A360X
  • Creates great contrast, depth and dynamics
  • Easy to attach – no tools or disassembling needed


  • Dimensions: 3.2″ Diameter x 0.7″ Height (8.1cm x 1.8cm)
  • Weight: 0.04 lbs
  • Beam angle: 55°
  • Coverage: 20″ x 20″ area, up to 5` deep
  • Compatible with A360X Tuna Blue and A360X Tuna Sun
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