Lifegard Aquatics AF-93 Triple Capacity Chemical Filter Module

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Lifegard Aquatics Filter Module


The Lifegard Aquatics AF-93 Triple Capacity Chemical Filter Module is for aquariums up to 300 gallons. This filter can be used for chemical filtration and features a removable chamber that allows for easy media replacement and pre-rinsing. Holds 21.9 oz (621 grams) of pelletized carbon.


  • User Manual
  • 33.5″ high; 7″ wide; 4″ deep
  • Internal chamber holds 21.9 oz (621 grams) of pelletized carbon (not included), and can be used with other chemical/biological media
  • Removable chamber allows easy media replacement and pre-rinsing
  • Can be used as a biological chamber when filled with the proper media that provides surface area for beneficial bacterial growth. Suggested media includes ammonia removal media, phosphate removal media, peat, & bio cylinders
  • No channeling. 100% of water passes through media
  • Automatically vents air out of unit
  • Highest quality PVC molded parts
  • Can be connected to 3/4″ MPT or 1″ MPT using the included reducer bushings
  • Can be easily connected to the Lifegard Aquatics Quiet One Pro Pumps, Lifegard Aquatics QL Series UV Sterilizers, Lifegard Aquatics AF-94 Triple Capacity Mechanical Filter Module and the Lifegard Aquatics AF-92 Triple Capacity Heater Module
  • Man. Part#: R179330
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