Mini Majano Wand Aiptasia and Majano Eliminator

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The Mini 5″ version of the Majano Wand gives you complete control and freedom when eradicating your aquatic foes! Get ready Nano Tanks, your need has just been filled! Get ready Nuisance Anemones, you’re about to get eradicated no matter where you hide!!!

The Mini Majano Wand takes a easy approach to removing Majano Anemones from your reef aquarium. It`s so fun and easy you will want Majano Anemones, just so you can destroy them!

The purpose of the Mini Majano Wand is to eliminate Majano Anemones in hobbyist aquariums, as these Anemones are pests. Majano Anemones are pests because they harm fish and coral. Such “pest” Anemones that are inadvertently added to aquariums can multiply very quickly in closed aquarium system.

The Mini Majano Wand does not kill by electrocution, there is never any electricity going into the water. The Mini Majano Wand operates on the principal that when electricity is properly emitted into salt water it produces two gases. One of these gases is hydrogen, which is generated at the stainless steel tip. Hydrogen is the lightest element on earth, which converts into a gas when created, and the gas form of hydrogen is larger than the liquid size of salt water. When the probe of the Mini Majano Wand touches the Majano tissue, it causes the water in the cells of the Majano to turn into hydrogen. These animals are mostly water so the Majano is forced to expand from the inside out at a rapid and drastic scale, which literally disintegrates any living Majano tissue instantly.

The Mini Majano Wand operates on low voltage and will not shock you if your hand, or any part of your body, is in the water. However, care must be taken to ensure safety as the tip of the Mini Majano Wand is sharp.

The entire Mini Majano Wand (including the grey wire) can be submerged in water, but do not get the push button or power adapter wet.

We are proud to write that the Mini Majano Wand was Invented, designed, tested and Manufactured in the USA!

**Please Note:** If the user does not fully kill the aiptasia by eliminating all the tissue on the first attempt, the remaining bits will regrow into another aiptasia.

Manufacturer Info

The Majano Wand was invented by Paul Baldassano. Paul got into the saltwater hobby the same month saltwater fish became available in Manhattan – around 1971. An electrician by trade, Paul discovered if you pass DC voltage through saltwater, you generate hydrogen and chlorine – the water actually splits and becomes these gases. That discovery inspired him to use those gases to eliminate animals in his tank that he did not want. That was the beginning of the Majano Wand!

Paul built a prototype and, to his amazement, it disintegrated the majano aneomones in his tank. He built a more compact model, showed his friends, and they begged him to build this device for them. It dawned on Paul that this tool would really benefit the marine aquarium hobby which encouraged him to apply for a patent. The Majano Wand is Paul`s second patent for an aquarium-related device (the first was a seahorse feeder.)

The Majano Wand was invented, designed, tested, and assembled in the USA!

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