Needle Valve For CO2 Regulator

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This Needle Valve is most suitable for Aquarium use.


  • Can provide down to 10 bubbles of CO2 / minute consistently (at 0 pressure)
  • Fits most CO2 Regulator Kits on the market
  • Inlet – Male Threaded NPT 1/8″ (measures 1/4″ OD physically)
  • Outlet – Hose Barb 1/8″ (or 4/6 mm ID/OD tubing)
  • This is the valve supplied with our Econo CO2 regulators.

NOTE: CO2 gas is extremely compressible, and therefore expandable, relative to other gases. CO2 gas is typically stored under very high pressure. A needle or metering valve is not designed to drop the pressure from your CO2 regulator down to a working pressure. This is the job of the CO2 regulator itself. The needle valve`s sole purpose is to regulate CO2 flow precisely. Equipping your existing CO2 regulator with a needle or metering valve may not provide you with adequate fine-adjustment for a calcium reactor. These valves are fragile and be easily damaged if not hooked up to the proper regulator. Our Deluxe CO2 Systems already include a Precision Needle Valve which enable as low 6 bubbles / minute (NOT second).

**Variations of this product can be found in many online stores. The version we carry is of the highest quality. Although this item is eligible for price matching under our Low Price Guarantee, please be certain the product you want to price match is the same make and model.

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