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The Skimmer Evolved.

Let’s give a warm welcome to the Universal NuvoSkim DC, the industry’s first, energy efficient, direct current powered nano protein skimmer.

The Universal Skimmer is an internal hang-on skimmer that uses an adjustable height hanger designed for use on internal baffle walls in many other AIO aquarium.  Fitting on many tanks from brands like Red Sea, JBJ, AquaMaxx, Coralife, and more, making this skimmer truly Universal.

Fewer adjustments, remarkably quiet and ultra-fast break in time; the NuvoSkim DC recirculating protein skimmer effectively removes dissolved organics, increases oxygen levels, and creates a cleaner & clearer aquarium.

Along with the engine overhaul, the NuvoSkim DC took on a secondary air silencer, vibration reducing rubber feet, enlarged air intake and a new convex lid for drier skim. All these features unite to create Innovative Marine`s most efficient skimmer yet, delivering a new era of uncompromising design and performance.

The DC needlewheel pump consumes less power while providing consistent bubble production, and features run-dry protection that ensures it never burns out.


  • DC Powered Needle Wheel
  • Adjustable Height Hanger
  • Waterline Indicator
  • External Silencer
  • Run Dry Protected Pump
  • Noise Reducing Rubber Feet
  • Drop In Convenience
  • Bubble Plate Diffuser
  • Suspended Pump Design
  • Low Profile Cup Design
  • Needle Wheel Impeller
  • Airline Management
  • Convex Lid


  • For aquariums up to 30 gallons
  • Dimensions without skimmer cup (L x W x H) = 3.8″ x 2.3″ x 10.3″
  • Pump: Nano DC 53 gph
  • Power consumption: 12 V / 5 W
  • Designed for rimless nano aquariums and all-in-one aquariums from brands like JBJ, AquaMaxx, Coralife, Lifegard Aquatics, and Red Sea.

Which Innovative Marine aquariums will the Universal Skimmer work on, you ask?

The NUVOSKIM DC Universal can work with any of the Innovative Marine Aquariums, however this product was not designed for those tanks. (We have the desktop and midsize NUVOSKIM DCs that is specifically designed for our tanks) The Universal version was created for all other nano AIO and non AIO aquariums. Models like the JBJ nano cube, AquaMaxx Aquariums, Coralife BioCube, or the RedSea Max. Any aquarium that is 30 gallons and under.

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