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ReefLED 160S LED Light Fixture – Red Sea

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The New ReefLED 160S– Deeper. Wider. Stronger.

The ReefLED 160S is the newest addition to Red Sea`s ReefLED series. Designed with a light intensity and spectrum that is 100% utilized by the corals, ReefLED lights are 100% reef-safe & 100% REEF-SPEC, providing optimal growth, vivid colors, and an elegant gentle shimmer throughout the aquarium.

The ReefLED 160S combines 160 watts of REEF-SPEC & Reef-Safe LED lighting with a patent-pending stadium-shaped lens, creating a beautiful and homogeneous spread throughout an aquarium of 32’’ in all three directions. Multiple units can be mounted 30” apart while still guaranteeing a visual uniformity of light across the length of the entire aquarium. Only two units are required for a 6` long tank, or three units for a 7.5` long tank. The 160S is therefore the smart choice for bigger tanks.

At the heart of the unit is a single, compact LED array, providing 160W of REEF-SPEC & Reef-Safe LED light. It includes 140W of multi-wavelength 23,000 Kelvin REEF-SPEC Blue (a proprietary blend of blue, violet and ultraviolet LEDs), together with 20W of 9,000 Kelvin White, and a separate 3W channel for moonlight. This array enables a wide range of REEF–SPEC light that will please both you and your corals.

The ReefLED 160S is also equipped with a built-in Wi-Fi that allows total control via ReefBeat smart aquarium app (which controls all Red Sea devices). The app includes pre-set lighting programs, along with additional features such as sunrise/sunset effects, lunar cycle moon light, random clouds and even an acclimation program for new installations.

The Plug and Play set-up is done quickly in two steps.  When you install the first unit simply select from one of three presets: 15000 K, 20,000 K, or 23,000 K, then set your sunrise time, and that`s it!  Any additional ReefLEDs are automatically grouped with the first unit, operating together as a single light source.


  • REEF-SPEC light output for optimal coral growth and coloration
  • Homogenous light with a gentle shimmer
  • Reef-Safe dual-channel color setting plus dedicated moonlights
  • ReefBeat app* for easy set-up, operation, monitoring and notifications
  • Anti-glare recessed lens and clip-on visor
  • Tilt-switch, automatically switches off the light when tilted from horizontal
  • Pat-pending stadium-shaped lens provides homogeneous light spread
  • Units can be mounted up to 75cm / 30` apart for superior coverage

Specifications and Channels:

  • Dimensions: 6.9″ x 6.1″ x 2.5″
  • Coverage: 32″ x 32″ x 32″
  • PAR: 580 at surface ; 160 at 20″ depth
  • Compact LED Array: 160 watts
  • Reef-Spec Blue – 140 watts
  • 9,000K White – 20 watts
  • Moonlight – 3 watts

Mounting Options:

  • ReedLED 160S Universal Mounting Arm
  • ReefLed 160S Hanging Kit
  • ReefLED 160S Adapter tray for Pendant

Reef-Safe PAR Distribution

The ReefLED 160S is Reef-safe as it provides ideal PAR values throughout the aquarium, without hotspots or areas with insufficient light for coral growth, when mounted 12″ above the center of a 32″ x 32″ x 32″ area. 

Using PAR measurements only to determine light quality or compatibility of a specific light unit for coral photobiology can be misleading. A second measurement, known as PUR, can be helpful in determining overall coral benefit.

The PAR measurement was developed to measure the Photosynthetic Active Radiation of plants that is within the visible light region (400 -700 nm). The PUR (or Photosynthetic Utilized Radiation) measurement that is relevant for optimal Zooxanthellae photosynthesis is between 360- 480 nm, which starts outside the range of visible light (measured by PAR meters) in the UV region and continues into the blue part of the visible light range.

Because the REEF-SPEC Blue channel of the ReefLED is 100% PUR, the actual PUR and PAR values of the light unit will vary according to the combined setting of its channels, as detailed below.

ReefLED 160S PAR / PUR Values
Kelvin 12,000 15,000 20,000 23,000
REEF-SPEC Blue 80% 100% 100% 100%
9,000K White 100% 100% 50% 10%
Watt 132 160 150 142
PAR 490 580 520 480
PUR 431 534 494 470
PUR/PAR % 88% 92% 95% 98%

The ReefBeat App

The ReefBeat App* includes includes a preset photo-period and acclimation period, as well as warnings if your customizations go outside of the safe zone. 


The built-in WiFi allows you to control them from any smartphone or tablet device with the use of the ReefBeat Smart Aquarium App. This app assists you in operating various Red Sea smart devices that are on your aquarium, one interface to set-up, operate, monitor, and receive notifications:


  • Peace of Mind – ReefBeat is constantly in contact with your ReefLEDs and will notify when communication is lost
  • Lunar Cycle – Your ReefLED can be programmed to mimic a lunar cycle, a 28-day moon phase for the 3 watt moonlight channel, for reef-safe nighttime viewing
  • Acclimation – An acclimation program for new corals to get used to the light by starting at a lower intensity, gradually increasing it each day, the length of the acclimation period
  • Weekly Schedule – ReefBeat stores your custom lighting schedules, using the same schedule each day, or, a different program for each day of the week
  • Staggered Sunrise and Sunset – When using multiple ReefLEDs, a time delay between your lights can create a stunning sunrise and sunset effect across your aquarium
  • Clouds – ReefBeat provides a natural “shading” effect for a specified period of the day, with 3 levels of random cloud activity
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