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Ruby Reef Rally Pro Fish Treatment

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Rally Pro is a very effective broad spectrum treatment designed to be used directly in the display tank to eliminate external parasites, dinoflagellates, marine velvet, clownfish disease, gill flukes, etc. on fish. Rally Pro also treats gram negative bacterial infections, fin and tail rot, etc., and prevents secondary infections.


  • Safe for all fish (including scaleless), corals and invertebrates
  • Will not affect biofiltration

Directions and Use guidelines:

  • Saltwater dosage = 1 oz. per 10 gallons
  • Freshwater dosage = 1 oz. per 5 gallons
  • Apply RALLY once per day for at least 3 days after turning off skimmers, sterilizers and removing carbon filtration, and for 3 to 4 days after last dose
  • Longer treatment periods may be required for heavy or persistent infections
  • 1 liter will treat a freshwater 100 gallon tank or a marine 200 gallon tank for the full 3 dosage regimen

Ruby Reef recommends using Kick-Ich Pro with Rally Pro. As many organisms can be misdiagnosed as ich, Rally Pro will eliminate external parasites, Marine Velvet, Dinoflagellates, Clownfish Disease, Gill Flukes and gram negative bacterial infections like fin rot and tail rot. Rally Pro helps with secondary infections if the ich parasite was able to bore into the flesh of its victim/s. Rally Pro is reef-safe too!

Manufacturer Info

Ruby Reef
Ruby Reef was incorporated in 1998 after three years of product development, product stability and beta site testing, and market testing by Dr. Sam Grillo. Ruby Reef`s products are based on both a high level of scientific acumen and efficacy, and a thorough understanding of both fish diseases and the associated problems experienced by aquarium hobbyists. Ruby Reef provides scientifically sound disease management products as good or better than any available to aquarium hobbyists.


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