Tropic Marin Pro Reef Sea Salt

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Tropic Marin Pro Reef salt is German-engineered with ultra-pure pharmaceutical-grade salts. This eliminates any chance of unwanted contamination, like nitrate, phosphate and ammonia, that is often found in industrial-grade salt ingredients.

Tropic Marin also makes sure each batch contains all 70 trace elements that occur in natural ocean water. The high-grade salts completely dissolve due to the purity of the formulation and tight quality control. The Pro Reef formulation is intended for reef aquariums with SPS, LPS and other reef organisms that need a steady supply of calcium and magnesium for growth.

Calcium and magnesium levels are higher than regular Tropic Marin sea salt. Pro Reef also has a reduced alkalinity level that complements regular use of calcium-adding supplements or calcium reactors. Lower alkalinity is believed to help corals calcify and grow faster. You’ll find that it will be easier to maintain the pH and alkalinity when using calcium and magnesium supplements or reactors.

10% weekly water changes are recommended when using Pro Reef salt.

What we really like about Tropic Marin Pro Reef Sea Salt Mix:

  • Fast dissolving with no residue
  • No impurities like nitrate or phosphate
  • Very consistent batch to batch
  • Formulated for reef aquariums
  • Available in 32 and 200 gallon mixes

Tropic Marin Pro Reef Sea Salt Mix Features:

  • Pharmaceutical-grade salts
  • Lower alkalinity for SPS and LPS corals
  • Increased calcium and magnesium levels
  • Compatible with calcium dosing and reactors
  • Contains no artificial chelators
  • All elements are in their natural state
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