Tunze Osmolator Calcium Dispenser

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TUNZE® Calcium Dispenser 5074

This is calcium dispenser is used for continuous dosing of calcium to reef tanks. It is a calcium hydroxide reactor which feeds a mixture of water and calcium hydroxide, aka kalkwasser, directly into the tank.

It can be fitted in hard coral tanks up to about 264 US gallons.

Calcium can also be added by means of a second method: A calcium reactor, such as TUNZE® automatic calcium dispenser, which uses carbon dioxide (CO2) to dissolve lime granulate and feeds the solution into the tank.

Important note : Water level regulator TUNZE® Osmolator 3155 is required for the operation of Calcium Dispenser 5074. The unit is connected between the metering pump and the feed hose of the Osmolator.


  • Comes ready for mounting with mixing container, holder, hose, non-return valve and calcium hydroxide.
  • Provides calcium via top-off water by the metering pump of the Osmolator
  • Stabilizes pH value during the day
  • Ensures a perfect enrichment in carbonates and phosphate precipitation as solids
  • Proper skimming removes these fixed phosphates from the tank
  • The lime precipitation and the sediments produced can be removed by a fine sediment filter.
  • Can be combined with a calcium reactor


  • Suited for aquariums up to 264 gallons
  • Dimensions = 13.7″ x 5.5″


  • Calcium Dispenser
  • Calcium Hydroxide Fill
  • Mount
  • Osmolator connections
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