XP Aqua RO/DI Flood Guardian – Electronic Auto Shut Off Valve Kit (AKA The Marriage Saver)

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XP Aqua RO/DI Flood Guardian – Electronic Auto Shut Off Valve Kit (AKA The Marriage Saver)

Tired of flooding your kitchen, garage or bathroom? The RO/DI Flood Guardian can be a real marriage saver and will help prevent accidental floods from ever happening again!


  • World’s first and only electronic float valve kit
  • Prevents unwanted floods when making RO or RO/DI water
  • Installs & uninstalls in seconds
  • Magnetic-mount sensor – no drilling needed
  • Dual-Optical Sensor for extra security
  • Easily moves from one reservoir to another (brute, jug, bucket, reservoir tank, etc…)
  • Safe, low 12V voltage
  • Works in complete darkness

Why choose the RO/DI Flood Guardian? Prevent floods by adding the super-easy-to-install Flood Guardian to your RO or RO/DI System. Never worry about forgetting to turn off your RO/DI system or overfilling your reservoir again! Simply mount the magnetically-mounted sensor to any reservoir/bucket/jug and the water will stop once the reservoir is filled. No drilling is required and there is no unreliable float valve to fail. Our proprietary dual-optical sensor provides unparalleled security. Additionally, there is no frustrating pressure solenoid to install: the electronic solenoid kit installs in seconds. Optionally, use the RO/DI Flood Guardian with a 7-day timer to automatically refill your ATO reservoir. Simply program the timer to turn on once every 1-7 days and the system will refill your reservoir based on your timer settings. No more TDS Creep!


  • Model: ASOV-200V
  • Power Adaptor:
    • Power Input: 100-240VAC 50-60Hz
    • Cable Length 180 cm (6 ft)
  • Solenoid Valve:
    • Power Consumption 6 W @ 12 VDC
    • 1/4 inch RO Tubing Connection
    • Cable Length : 4 ft (120 cm)
  • Max Mounting Thickness
    • Sensor : 1/2” (12.7 mm)
    • RO Tubing Holder : 1.2” (30.5 mm)
  • Length of Cable between Sensor and Controller : 300 cm (10 ft)


  •     Smart ASOV Controller x 1
  •     Universal Power Adapter x 1
  •     1/4″ RO Solenoid Valve x 1
  •     1/4″ RO Tubing Holder x 1

*Pay close attention to the directional water flow arrow on the solenoid valve.

**Please avoid setting up the sensor in an area with micro bubbles or direct light.

Manufacturer Info

Ever since the ATO systems were invented by Tunze in 1985, they have been helping saltwater reef aquarium hobbyists maintain stable salinity levels and offering a ton of convenience. ATO is short for ‘aquarium top off’ system. It is also called an ATK ‘aquarium top-off kit’, or osmolator / osmo regulator in Europe. Here at XP Aqua, we have combined all the best ATO technologies and added several proprietary features to create the safest and most dependable ATO money can buy! Our micro sized ATO sensor features two precise optical sensors to offer you more protection. Additionally, each XP Aqua ATO system includes our intelligent QST programming to prevent overflows. If you are looking for the best ATO system, check out our awesome line of ATOs!

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