Zip Bag – Filter Media Bag with Corrosion-Proof Zipper – Seachem

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No more strings and no more ties, swap your media out with ease.

Seachem Mesh Filter Bags, Zip Bags, are equipped with a corrosion-proof zipper that will keep your media from spilling out and will also make it easier to swap out old media.

The Zip Bag`s durable seams can handle the weight of 1 liter of media in the Fine and Medium bags, to 18 liters in the large bag, so you can be assured that when the media is ready to swap out, the seams won`t bust, keeping the soggy media within the Zip Bag and not on your floor.

Zip Bags come in a range of mesh sizes, from Fine, to Medium, to Large mesh not only to suit the media of your choice, but ALL sizes of Seachem Filter Media.

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